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The business all started in March 28 on my birthday I bought a bulova watch for 400 dollars and I was amazed how much this specific watch went for so I went and did research and found that every watch brand was charging a huge amount for a wrist watch so that’s when it hit me I wanted to make watches for people that want to start wearing watches but don’t know where to start! I want Englandwatchco to be a gateway luxury watch company for people that don’t want to spend alot on a watch at this time! The We named our business Englandwatchco because we wanted to take over the Watch business like the British Empire and Carson England is our founders  name! We want to make watches with a European style with a lot of jewels like a monarch crown

Our Vision

Our journey begins with a U.S. Army member driven by the desire of Royalty, and that desire becoming a reality. 

EnglandWatchCo serves as a provider of classic, appealing, and eye-catching timepieces that demand distinction. Embody your inner nobility with artistically crafted and beautifully designed additions to your wardrobe. Luxury is within reach with EnglandWatchCo, reality is purely a perception. 

Crafted with tempered glass, a stainless steel band,  and Seiko PC21 movement, we want your purchase to be fufilled with satisfaction.

Support the Troops

For centuries, the U.S. military has served and protected to allow freedom to ring. By supporting Englandwatchco, you are directly supporting a military owned business. Our founder, a U.S. Army solider, is based in Fort Carson, CO and maintains the values of his initial intentions: to deliver a luxury product at a fraction of the cost.  This consistency in value is what has allowed us to grow, develop, and deliver on our promises.

We thank you for your continued support and we thank them for their continued service. 

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